Dian Pelangi's boutique

Going to Dian Pelangi's boutique in Bandung.. Dian Pelangi is a famous moslem fashion designer :) have you ever visited there? it was ma first visit and i guessed this boutique is the most colorful boutique ever! :D honestly i love all the outfits, with unique designs and pretty colors. perfect <3 and ma mom and ma sister, both are the fans of this boutique ha! they are so enthusiastic :D

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  1. i love her style soo much ^^

    i am following u via google friend. hope u follow me too. thank u^^

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  2. ohhh Danaaaaa! i'm always beg to visit her boutique! so damn rainbowwwww i love kak Dian's style on hijab!! ah Danaaaa *.* gonna visit her boutique on Pekalongan, maybe! i wishhhh