roses everywhere

several roses stuffs...
  1. my absurd pict with yellow rose. i took that photo when i was playing around with my lil sister, we took overload photos with nuts poses, as usual.. do you mind if i post those photos in here? yes? oh no? oh thankyou.
  2. hairpin. it helps me hiding my badhairday. as we know girls, badhairday is such a disaster.
  3. bracelet. i bought it from my friend. she's such a shopaholic, she bought these bracelets a lot with different color, but then she felt regret so she sold it with still new condition, and i got this bracelet only half price! *sly laugh*
  4.  ring. white rose has come to symbolize purity, innocence, and secrecy. soo elegant. 
  5. rings too. when i saw it in accessories shop i bought about 5 rose rings at once time. loveee!

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  1. Love that bracelet! So pretty.


  2. nice score on getting the bracelet from your friend. :) . i love the yellow rose pics! cute! :)

  3. pretty roses <33 love those rings xxx

  4. cute rings and pretty photos <3

    btw join my giveaway x juerii shop, and i'm already follow you because you gorgeous :)