Among the Angels

I just randomly took this song as I do love listening to Tears in Heaven recently

Today I have my day off so I decide to write the blog... Here I just want to take several minutes to simply say thank God for all I have. The good and bad. Some are blessings, some are lessons. Like you know time flies by like a bird in the sky, I feel like it is yesterday that I make happy-new-year post but hey it is now already the end of September. Three months left.

Every month of this year was going so miraculous.
Everything was handled, by God.

Somehow I still have not satisfy yet for things I've done this year. Like I still many things to do but I am not really sure that I can fulfill aaaaaaaaaaallllllll of my resolutions in only 3 months. But yea, let's try. Spread the luvvv x 

All photos taken by Zidny

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  1. gergous as always xoxo
    semangat terus kak, nggak ada yang nggak mungkin masih ada setengah september, oktober, november, dan desember buat Kak Dana mencapai resolusi! <3

  2. I love these pictures. I'm your new GFC follower # 988 if you want, come to my blog ♥

  3. I love that song:) You look beautiful:)
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Waktu begitu cepat berlalu dan merasa masih banyak yang harus dicapai sebelum tahun ini berakhir dengan cepat pula, keep fight kak dana {}

  5. Such cute photos! :)

  6. You look amazing

    Love Vikee